City Distortions
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24 Hour Private View
Wednesday 13th September 2017
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City Distortions forms part of an ongoing investigation around power-hungry global cities and the environment. The mirrored footage suggests an uninhabitable city – a flooded metropolis – a reflection on the ever-impending threat of climate change. The tracked movement also alludes to the Situationist notion of the drift – a sense of floating through urban space.

Jaykoe’s work explores globalisation through its accelerated impact on city space. Operating at the intersection of urbanisation, postcolonialism and interculturalism, urban-spatial movements are sampled and traced within densely populated and expanding cities.

Leon Michener (KLAVIKON) composed the soundtrack as part of a collaboration for Invisible City Symphonies. The live piano remix version of the piece cuts up and reflects on individual frames and clips which are mapped to an acoustic keyboard, providing a direct link between analogue sound and digital moving image.